Business Coaching

'If you wish to prosper, let your customer prosper' - Frederic Bastiat

Business coaching will help you to:

  • Manage your team successfully
  • Agree and set clear and inspirational goals
  • Write a detailed business plan
  • Save time
  • Achieve a work-life balance by working smarter, not harder
  • Communicate more effectively with your team
  • Increase profits
  • Develop systems to make work easier and more enjoyable
  • Ascertain training needs
  • Talk and deal with difficult issues
  • Share and celebrate success!

The process:

First of all, I will ask you for an overview of your business: what is working well and where you have concerns.  This means that the process is completely bespoke. 

I will begin by talking to you and your team together to explain why I am here, the benefits to all concerned and my role in the process.  I will then meet with each person individually to find out what their view is of the business.

Together, we will write a detailed job description and person specification for each person.  This enables me to know exactly what each person does and how their role contributes towards the team goals.  It is also important to have job descriptions so that if someone leaves, recruitment of a new person will be much easier to achieve quickly and also it will be possible to find the right person for the role.

The next stage is to set up an appraisal system for the team, including the business owner.  This is important because it means that everyone is accountable.  During this process, I explain the benefits and importance of appraisals, goals are agreed and training requirements are ascertained.  These goals are reviewed on a monthly basis and new goals are set quarterly. 

Meanwhile, depending on the needs of the business, I work with the team and individuals in a variety of ways.  For example, if communication is a problem, we set up short daily meetings and a longer weekly meeting.  I show businesses exactly how these meetings should be organised and chaired.

I also look at the business' finances so that goals can be linked to profit expectations for each member of the team.  This usually forms part of the business plan which I can help you to write.

Very often business owners complain about a lack of time.  Usually this problem can be easily resolved by setting up systems to save time.  I will also spend time with each person in the team which may reveal problems that may be restricting progress and causing inefficient work practices.

Every business is different and has different needs and aspirations.  Together we will devise a scheme that will be effective for your business.  You can be assured that we will achieve results that you did not think would be possible.

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