Benefits of appraisals

The performance appraisal or review is an opportunity for the individual and those concerned with their performance to engage in a dialogue about the individual's performance, development and support required.  It is a free flowing conversation in which a range of views are exchanged.  Benefits include:

Help to improve employees' job performance by identifying strengths and weaknesses

Determine how strengths can be best utilised within the business and how weaknesses can be overcome

Reveal problems which may be restricting employees' progress and causing inefficient work practices

Provides an opportunity for positive feedback about performance.

Develops a greater degree of consistency by ensuring that managers and employees meet formally and regularly to discuss performance and potential

Agree and set clear goals and expectations of all concerned

Share an understanding of what is to be achieved

Assist in succession planning

Highlights training needs

Improves communication by giving employees time to talk about their ideas and expectations

Enhance quality of working life by increasing understanding between managers and employees

Move the business forward

Work on your business and not in it!

Improve work/life balance by working smarter, not harder

Provides opportunities for rewards, e.g. more money/time

Share and celebrate success!