Communication and interviewing skills

Duration: half day

'The problem with communication is the illusion that it has been accomplished' - George Bernard Shaw

Aims and learning outcomes

  • Appreciate the different components of the communication process
  • Identify barriers that can develop and impede communication
  • Be aware of the pitfalls in electronic forms of communication and use communication technology wisely
  • Understand the skills needed to be an effective interviewer and develop these into practice, in particular being able to build rapport, use appropriate question-asking skills such as probing and make appropriate use of reflection, paraphrasing and summarising.

Course content

  • Raise your awareness of how we communicate, not just what we communicate.
  • Communication processes
  • Appreciate non-verbal communication, paralanguage, proxemics and kinesics
  • Analysing a conversation
  • Barriers to communication
  • Non-face-to-face communication
  • Using email
  • Identifying the ways in which we can use clues to assess whether the interviewee has been put at ease
  • Conduct and questioning techniques
  • Active listening
  • Giving feedback
  • Contact, conduct, content, control and capture

 Course features

 Exercises, role play, DVD, analysing and interview practice.

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