Dealing with difficult people and difficult situations

Duration: one day

'Eventually we will find (mostly in retrospect, of course) that we can be very grateful to those people who have made life most difficult for us' - Ayya Khema

Aims and learning outcomes

  • Understand why some transactions with people have an impact on us which appears out of proportion to the situation and lead us to feel incompetent or invite us to communicate in an ineffective way
  • Identify some ways to communicate effectively despite this
  • Spot some 'games' that get enacted at work and work out how to 'stay out of the game'
  • Appreciate how 'learned helplessness' can develop and find ways to prevent our becoming 'a victim'.

Course content

  • A transactional analysis approach to the games people play
  • Look at the games people play in organisations
  • Identify these games in your own organisation/situation
  • The drama triangle
  • Explore the options

Course features

Brainstorming, questionnaires, discussion, role play, scenarios and exercises.

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