The process

'You don't have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great' - Zig Ziglar


I will begin by asking, "what's on your mind?"  The questions I ask you will help you to verbalise the issues.   You will be guided towards identifying your personal potential, clarifying your objectives and seeing your future clearly. 

Together we will identify obstructions: anything that prevents you from achieving your potential for greatness.  The following are common types of obstructions:

Limiting beliefs

As we grown older, we adopt values and beliefs belonging to ourselves and others.  We often make choices influenced by others (parents, teachers, friends, media, books etc.) and gradually our options close down.  In our 20s, we can still be living with the values and beliefs we had during our childhood.  We often then carry those beliefs, which may no longer serve us, into our 30s, 40s and 50s.  Many people choose to stay in the prison of limiting beliefs.  Beliefs can be changed.

No clear vision or mission

You don't have a vision, a clear picture of what you want.

Self Last

Your definition of selfless is 'less for the self'.  You will have to work hard at reframing.  Remember the airline rule whereby, to ensure the child's best chance of survival, parents are ordered to put the oxygen mask on themselves prior to placing one on the child.  Your entire family will benefit when you are healthy, wealthy, happy and whole.  Giving precious time to develop and attain health and wealth goals to secure the future for the whole family is true selflessness.

Treading the treadmill

You are in a rut and cannot see a way out.

Time priorities

Genuine time issues are easily addressed through a time management course.   A 'lack of time' usually shows a commitment obstruction.

Once you have gained greater awareness of who you are and of your potential, I will act as a catalyst and support for you as you develop that potential into reality.  I will use various tools, techniques and insights to galvanise you into action along the way.  You will set the agenda.  You will tell me what you want to achieve and together we will find solutions and strategies to help you get there.  You will have a partner who is always by your side, who sees your strengths, who you can share your dreams and ideas with, who knows when to push and when to listen.

I will not impose my ideas on you: I will help you to find your own way, whether or not it is the way I would have chosen for myself.

You will be encouraged to speak to me regularly on the telephone and also to communicate with me through email, especially if you have questions or you encounter a specific difficulty.  This constant availability means that you never need to feel isolated.

If you are uncertain about which area you would like to start with, you may like to think about the following:

  • Personal growth - confidence, time management
  • Money
  • Physical environment - clutter
  • Career - changing career, career advancement
  • Fun and hobbies - work/life balance
  • Health - weight loss, exercise
  • Friends and family - teenagers, elderly parents
  • Romance/partner

What I ask of you

A serious commitment to your personal programme of development for a minimum of 12 sessions. Ideally these would be fortnightly to allow you time to take action.

A strong desire and determination to make your life the best it can be.

Reliability and promptness. Telephone or personal appointments should be kept, written work returned on schedule and activities completed when expected.

A willingness to work outside of your comfort zone.

If you are pleased with my services, as I am certain you will be, then please recommend me to your like-minded friends, family and colleagues. Please complete a testimonial for my website.

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