'Get over the idea that only children should spend their time in study.  Be a student so long as you still have something to learn, and this will mean all your life' - Henry L. Doherty


Stress-Free-KidsTM is THE unique coaching program for young people.

  • Developed specifically for Schools and Youth Groups
  • Appropriate to ages 5 - 18
  • All-inclusive for all children of all abilities
  • Focus on future goals, personal achievement and wellbeing
  • Delivered to full class sizes of up to 30 pupils in normal session allocation
  • Provides individual coaching within a group forum
  • Work in partnership with your school to meet your requirements and objectives and has been included in primary school curriculum planning for PSHE
  • The only coaching programme able to provide support to schools for a full academic year that fully complement the requirements and objectives of:
  • Every Child Matters Agenda
  • Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL)
  • Personal, Learning and Thinking Skills (PeLTS)
  • Ofsted 'Evaluation for ECM Outcomes
  • PSHE & Citizenship

Stress-Free-KidsTM has been developed to support schools with objectives for successfully meeting curriculum expectations and encouraging pupil interest in their personal achievement.

Below are examples of just a few Stress-Free-Kids session objectives and content:

  • What do you let cause you stress?: Of course the way this questions is worded creates lively discussion that helps identify the feelings that occur at times of stress and how to handle it.
  • A Metaphor for Life: A game that promotes discussion about the ups & downs of life, providing plenty of material for future sessions and thought provoking moments.
  • Role Models: Understanding and appreciating values through creative activity about those we admire (because they're famous and/or rich won't wash with us!)
  • Life Changes: A story takes us on the rollercoaster of life's experiences and relates to personal challenges past, present and future.
  • Opinions and Perspective: A visual activity and guessing game where things are not what they might seem!
  • What do you have in common with...? Realising just how much we have in common with others, a challenging eye opener!
  • Body Language: There's more than one way to communicate, a visual activity that demonstrates the importance of this tool. Do you dare assume you know what's going on? Has had a coach and teacher in fits of laughter as pupils attempt to describe what they see rather than act it out.
  • Economic Well-Being & Money Matters! Helped 10 year olds understand Northern Rock, so we know it works!
  • Personal Goal Setting: Looking ahead to a life of achievement & positive contribution. We've even had to challenge 'marrying a footballer and spending his money' as a personal goal!
  • Respect: Small work groups discuss what respect is and where it starts. The content even challenges adults!
  • The Three Brains: Creative activity around a concept that has really helped young people gain better understanding of themselves.

To find out more and discuss your objectives and requirements contact us now.  For further information see

Stress-Free-KidsTM is a proactive solution to the causes of young people not in education, employment or training.