Introduction to Life Coaching Workshop

The course was very well planned. I was able to define goals and take steps to achieve them. The course was extremely helpful and inspirational!
Marina McGovern

I will be able to use the course in a practical way to achieve what I want. I learnt that it is ok not to ‘finish' things. It is fine to try lots of different activities. It was fun and I would like a follow-up session.
Deni James

I would recommend the course to others so that they too can learn how to determine goals. It was a very helpful course. The trainer was well informed.
Celine Corfield

I can use the materials in a practical way in everyday life. It gave me a fresh look at life without being rushed. Excellent planning and inclusive for all.
Michelle Stepney

The course was well planned and it was good to have a workbook type handout to take home. It will help me in a practical way by being able to set milestones. The course enabled me to think about what I really want.
Helen Laskew

The course consisted of easy steps to follow. I really enjoyed the course and feel inspired!
Margaret Wynne

I would recommend the course to others, especially to give an overview of the subject. A clear, concise delivery.
H Smith

Life Coaching

Dear Pat,

I just wanted to write and let you know how very much I have appreciated your help and guidance over the last year. When I first came to see you I was spinning too many plates and you were able to help me to prioritise and set goals/objectives to achieve. All of those have been accomplished.

In addition, you helped me restore my relationship with my eldest son to whom I haven't been able to speak for the last 4 years. Something I didn't believe would change for many, many years to come.

A big heartfelt 'thanks' for all you have done.

Kind regards and best wishes

Christopher Calver Groom


Calver Groom Financial Management


Life Coaching

I cannot speak highly enough of Pat's style and how she has helped me to take a step back from some of the problems that were holding me back in both my business and personal life. Pat is very non-judgemental and listens openly, offering constructive suggestions and a long-term, step-by-step plan. With her guidance I have been able to look at things in a fresh light, to reassess what is really important and focus my energies on achieving realistic and meaningful goals.

Louise Sutherland, Photographer

Life Coaching

Before I went for life coaching at Mrs Wakefield's, my confidence was very low. The first time I went for my session, I felt quite nervous but by the end I felt a lot happier. We did a lot of activities and talked about different ways to boost my confidence like setting goals with rewards, milestones, beliefs and things that I am good at. These activities helped me to think more positively and 'have a go' at new things. Over the past few weeks I learnt a lot and I have lots more confidence than when I started.

Year 7 pupil, St Andrew's School, Leatherhead, Surrey

Life Coaching

I was very impressed with the initial meeting that I had with Pat from Promising Winners. This is not something that I had previously considered doing and I was surprised at how much clearer my outlook was on my immediate needs and requirements.

It's not often that I spend time reviewing my own personal goals and aspirations and it was eye opening when the focus was purely on me.

Highly rewarding



Neuro Linguistic Programming

The course was well-organised. Lots of variety of exercises. I will be able to use the content in a practical way once back at work in my supervision of colleagues and in care planning and reviewing goals with clients. I learnt a lot about myself including: how I make decisions, what I want to achieve and who and what holds me back. I would absolutely recommend the course to others for personal and professional development in just two days! A substantial reading list was provided and follow up offered. You established where we were at on day one and encouraged us to keep a log to remind us of what action to take when back at work. Good energy. Liked the way you responded to our mood, needs and personalities. The material is very relevant to counselling and this could be emphasised even more. We had lots of fun!

Emily Holt, Community Drug Services South London


The course seemed to be very well thought out, planned and prepared for. It all fits in with how I work and I am looking forward to reviewing it. It reinforced what I had previously learnt and highlighted some areas I'm presently working on. I would recommend the course to others as it was very clear and organised, fun, interactive and will help people. Thank you. Keep doing a good job - I can tell you really care about helping others. Could look at more spiritual concepts of growth and personal power that have scientific back-up. It was fun!

Karen Burt, Community Drug Services South London

The course was well planned and put across. It brought back the importance of submodalities, sensory language, the need for support for leadership and the importance of planning. I learnt how to identify the submodalities associated with our most effective states and how to transfer them to situations where we may be less effective. I would recommend the course to others as it was clear, informative, useful and practical. I thought you were a good communicator. Very lovely pace - clear and thoughtful. Some of the activities were a bit complex to start with.

Rosa Bonini, Community Drug Services South London


Tutoring has helped me a great deal within the last six months for all my exams and Mrs Wakefield has been the best teacher for the job. On the first day of tutoring, although I was apprehensive and nervous, at the end I was amazed how much I had learned! Since then I gradually improved my score in practice tests and out of three entrance exams I sat, I had an offer from all three schools! Going to Mrs Wakefield's has boosted my confidence and knowledge and I'm sure it will be the same for everyone who is tutored by her.

William, St. Anne's School, Banstead, Surrey


Mrs Wakefield helped me to pass the Nonsuch High School test and gain a place in their school. Mrs Wakefield helps you to feel welcome when you visit each week by giving you a drink and biscuit. She is extremely friendly and makes you feel at home.
Mrs Wakefield helps you to develop your skills with up to date methods which are quick and easy. Mrs Wakefield helps you to excel without you feeling pressurised. Mrs Wakefield guides you in your learning and I couldn't ask for a better tutor.

Nicola, St Anne's School, Banstead, Surrey


Pat Wakefield has had a wealth of experience in training Teaching Staff on different aspects of education, most notably, Literacy. She has planned and carried out numerous Whole INSET Days and twilight training sessions.

Pat thoroughly prepared and planned the INSET Training Days, ensuring that everyone's needs were catered for. Using her imagination to good effect, she was able to enliven the tasks and inspire the staff to try out her ideas. The Training sessions were informative and interesting and made good use of a range of media, including IT.

Pat has also worked successfully in the role as a Mentor to staff new to the profession and as a guide, in helping more experienced staff attain Threshold Applications.

Teacher, Cuddington Croft Primary School


I have known Pat as both teaching colleague and friend for 14 years. As a teacher she maintained high standards and was tremendously hard working. In her role as junior co-ordinator she had many extra responsibilities, which she undertook in the same manner. Dealing with people in many contexts was one of her particular strengths and she always proved herself to be a generous, kind, considerate, thoughtful, trustworthy and wise advisor and mentor- complete with one other ingredient - a sense of humour!

Whenever anyone on her team needed help or advice she was, despite being busy herself, always willing to give her time, even if this had to be in her own time. She always did this in her usual positive and thoughtful way.

When I heard that Pat was leaving teaching to become a life coach I felt sad to see her go, but I also knew that if anyone had the personal qualities required for such a job it was her.

Teacher, Cuddington Croft Primary School


Pat Wakefield understood the need for the KSF framework and which documents were used. The information that was provided could be used in a practical way once back at work. The course helped me to think more creatively and I have kept a log of my progress since the course; the reading list included interesting and useful text. I have recommended the course to a colleague who will be attending shortly.

Employee, NHS


I have been working with Pat as her coach for the last five months and have found her to be completely committed to the process of coaching. She is hardworking, enthusiastic and very much walking the talk. She fully understands the importance of keeping to agreed action steps and honouring the agreements we make which is a key element of coaching. Pat works from a strong value base which is based upon the belief that everyone has the capacity to reach their potential. She has a warm and open manner, yet she is not afraid to challenge when necessary to enable clients to overcome any blocks they may have to their progress.

As Pat has been through the programme she offers to her clients, she has a real understanding of how it works. She uses this experience to enable them to really reach their dreams, just as she has. Pat is an excellent coach and uses the wealth of experience she has from her previous working life to support her coaching knowledge. This brings out the best in her clients. With Pat as your coach, your success is assured!

Susan Campbell, New Insights Master Coach.